Deepening Your Yoga Practice

For years I’ve been writing about chakras, mythology, Sanskrit, the Yamas, Niyamas, and the other eight limbs, bandhas, drishti, and the Sutras hoping to make these spectacularly useful concepts more accessible in your practice, and thus help you go deeper into your study and practice of yoga. I wrote a book about it! Right now it’s available on Amazon as an ebook through Kindle, you can download it with the Kindle app on any device, including a PC. I’m working on a future where it’s available as a beautiful paperback as well. It’s inexpensive, and I hope it’s a good jumping off point to apply some of these concepts into your practice! I would love it if you check it out, and it would help me out greatly if you were inclined to write a quick review as well!


Questions/comments/feedback/requests? I'm here for you, talk to me.

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